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Who are apartment hotels for? 

      The market of short-term service apartments for rent in Rostov can conditionally be divided into 3 segments:

1. Low-end. The lowest segment. The price for the apartment on offer is a determining factor. It ranges from 800 to 1300 rubles per day for a one-room flat. As a rule, these are the apartments situated in the suburbs, far from the business centre of Rostov. These are the flats in old block of flats of bearing-wall construction, furnished in the simplest way possible. No services are provided. The flats, as a rule, are rented out directly by flat owners themselves whose activity is not formalized and that is why report documents are not issued. Sanitary conditions of such flats, of course, leave much to be desired. This segment is for casual neglectful travelers, for whom the price difference of 100 rubles per day is a significant reason that can influence their choice of a place to stay in Rostov. Such flats are generally located in the cheapest sleeping areas of Rostov, where the blocks of flats are not equipped with house intercom. This segment is the least secure from the point of view of residential security.

2. Middle-end. A middle segment. The price ranges from 1300 to 2500 rubles per day for a one-room apartment. According to supply this is the most widely presented segment on Rostov market of short term lease apartments. You can rent a flat in the centre of the city with more or less good interior conditions and furniture. They are usually situated in old block of flats. Companies professionally working in this sphere but not private flat owners act in this segment. Unfortunately, not all the companies carry on business officially, that is why the report documents are issued by not all the companies, and the absence of problems with flat owners is not always guaranteed. Among additional services provided in this price segment there is usually only transfer and the access to the internet in some of the flats. Economy with more or less acceptable living conditions is crucial for the customers of such companies.

3. Hi-End. The highest segment. The price is over 2000 rubles per day for a one-room flat. Apartment hotel "Kvartirkino.ru" works precisely in this segment. Our customers are those who can count their money but absolutely not at the expense of their comfort. We are offering a stay in cozy apartments, right in the centre of Rostov, in new houses with high quality interior conditions and content. We try and work in such a way that choosing us our customers could receive the care like that of the best hotels and avoid imposing hotel service. Apartment hotel «Kvartirkino.ru» is an excellent choice if you want to stay in Rostov with comfort, away from the hustle and bustle of a large hotel. We offer a large variety of services for the maximum comfort of our customers who stay with us so that they could feel at home!
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