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What is a “service apartment”?

      Service apartments first appeared in Europe in the middle of the 20th century. At that time there was a great shortage of middle-price hotels, and it is a common knowledge that “vacancy is a chance to take at first glance”.  Service apartments became very popular as a reasonable alternative to usual hotels for those tourists who wanted to save their money but not at the cost of their comfort.
      A lot of tourists are unwilling to pay extra for imposing type of hotel service any more. Such people choose comfortable home-like environment and, we must admit, save considerably doing it as the difference in charge between a service apartment and  a hotel room of a similar quality can be two or more times.
      After the USSR breakup a lot of hotels were closed down, redesigned or trade centers were established instead of them. As a result, the situation with hotel rooms, which had always been problematic at the time of the USSR, worsened even more. But, demand breeds supply.
      The development of this kind of hotel services in Russia began in St. Petersburg. Due to numberless streams of tourists the issue of guests’ residence was burning. Later, with the development of Russian economy, the service apartment became a standard type of services for the most part of large regional centers.  
      It should be noted that construction of a hotel is a very difficult, time- and money-consuming process. Pay-back period of such projects is very long.  That is why the preferred objects for money investment are de luxe and premium class hotels. The amount paid for construction and maintenance of such hotels can be generally compared to middle-price hotels but the margin is greater. It results in the absence of economy class hotels in the past, present, and, probably, future. Service apartments perfectly fill in this niche.
      Service apartment is usually an ordinary 1-3 room flat situated in a block of flats and equipped with everything that is needed for a stay – furniture, home appliances, cutlery, plates, etc. Such flats have often more facilities and are more spacious than a hotel room at a higher price.  
      The price of a 2 room service apartment with all kinds of home appliances, new high level interior remodeling and location in the city centre can only be equal to a modest single room with used furniture and a tiny bathroom in a 2 or 3 star hotel. And the hotel is not likely to be located in a city centre. Choosing a service apartment gives the opportunity to choose the most suitable part of the city to stay in. In fact, you can find the variant that will be situated right across the road from the target of your visit. That is so comfortable, isn’t it?
      Service apartment – is an excellent choice for those travelers who value home-like atmosphere, privacy, comfort and are not ready to pay extra money for staying in a hotel.
     Service apartments have a number of advantages over standard hotel rooms, for example:
1.    The opportunity to choose the most comfortable location, close to the target of your visit. Staying at the hotel you have to choose the place not according to your wish but according to the location of a hotel with available rooms. You save your time.
2.    Privacy and comfort. Nobody will constantly walk near your room, make noise in the hall and disturb you while you are asleep. You save your nerves.
3.    Price. As it has already been mentioned above, service apartments are usually two or more times cheaper than hotel rooms. Moreover, companies offering daily apartment rent do not have a fixed check-in/check-out time like that of hotels.  You can move into the apartment at any time and will pay only for the time of your stay in the flat. You save your money.
      4. There is a great competition on the market of daily apartment rent in any city, that is why the apartment owners are extremely loyal to their clients and are really happy to see them!
      And the last point: the most important is to choose the right company that offers service apartments. Cooperation directly with flat owners listing their own apartments for daily or even hourly rent is never worth it. In this case you are not likely to have a trip with comfort. It is not a good idea to cooperate with real estate agencies offering this kind of service either. As a rule, apartment owners may be unaware of fact that their apartment is being rented that can lead to a number of different unpleasant situations. You should address to the companies specializing in this sphere. Only they can provide you with maximum comfort and security.
      So, if you made up your mind to go on a business trip to somewhere, do not be in a hurry to book a hotel room. Think about service apartment. You can always find a lot of information on apartment supply in the city you are interested in from the internet or newspapers. Everything you will only have to do after that is just to choose what suits you best!
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