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Some peculiarities of a daily apartment rent  

      In any city including Rostov you can find a lot of offers for daily apartment rent. You can find it in the newspapers, in the Internet and just in a form of a small written advert stuck somewhere at the bus stop. This essay will help you determine what offers are worth of your attention and what offers are better be left and forgotten. There are 4 main groups of all offers for daily apartment rent:  
1. Offers from real estate agencies.
2. Offers from private flat owners.
3. Offers from owners of small private business.
4. Offers from specialized companies.
Let’s look closer at each of these groups now.
1. Offers of daily apartment rent from real estate agencies. This group is one of the largest. Very often flat owners make an agreement with real estate agencies about the rent of their flats and even hand over the keys from their flats. As a rule, these are the flat owners who cannot deal with questions of their flat rent themselves. Agencies and agents, in particular, know that the flat owner is not likely to check the condition of the flat trusting the ‘professionalism’ of the agency and, if the flat is temporary free, often list it for daily rent. Of course, it is not only illegal but also has a number of unpleasant consequences for the tenant in this case. They are the following: report documents are never provided, there is always the possibility that the flat owners will come to check their flat and that the tenants can simply find themselves in the street. Real estate agencies never pay attention to service. They rent out an empty flat where, in the best case, there is only a set of bed sheets, as nobody will invest in the quality of service knowing that it is only a temporary income. As a rule, there is no sense in complaining in this case as any official documents proving the rent of the apartment are never issued.
That is why, all the above mentioned suggests the idea that the daily rent of an apartment with the help of real estate agencies is the least preferable.
2. Offers of daily apartment rent from flat owners.
Many flat owners wishing to increase the income from the apartment rent of their own flats deal with questions of daily apartment rent themselves. But, unfortunately, the desire to increase the income from the rent of the flat by all means makes the landlords forget about the customers’ comfort. Usually no services are provided in this case. Report documents are not likely to be issued either.
This type of rent is a little bit better than rent with the help of real estate agencies, at least only because the flat is rented directly by the owner. It can be an acceptable variant for those who do not care for the comfort, report documents or additional services. Cheap and easy.
3. Offers from owners of small private business.

The price for the entrance to the market seems to be quite low – it is enough to rent a couple of apartments, this activity attracts a lot of those willing to try and work in this sphere. The problems of work with such small organizations or owners of small private business are the same as with the flat owners – their activity is seldom officially registered, there is no legal body.
            Often even the flat owners do not know what kind of business these lease holders carry on, it means there may be a lot of problems for the tenants: from the complete absence of any services to an unexpected visit of a flat owner. And, as a rule, in such cases report documents are also difficult to get, they are often offered for an extra charge. 
4. Daily apartment rent offers from specialized companies.
            This is the best variant for cooperation. The companies working in this sphere for a long period of time usually have a considerable experience in providing services of this kind. These companies always act officially, pay taxes, have official agreements with flat owners specifying the type of the activity performed. Only these companies can offer the widest range of services.
For example, our company, «Kvartirkino.ru» aims to provide as high level services as possible for our customers not to even think about any other place to stay when they return next time.  Customers’ satisfaction is our priority! We created the informative website to the greater satisfaction of our customers’ needs. In our company it is quick and easy to book any apartment you like without any prepayment. We trust our customers! We offer a number of additional services:  transfer around the city; high speed Internet in any apartment; registration of foreigners; a full set of small necessities that make the stay comfortable, beginning from several types of tea and coffee and finishing with tooth brushes; there is clean drinking water in every apartment; each flat is equipped with a boiler, that helps our customers not to be the subject to the whims of municipal authorities; report documents; rent of the exercise machines; shopping for food before the arrival; possibility of paying by means of bank transfer and much, much more…
That is why, choosing a reliable partner for a daily apartment rent, we recommend companies professionally working in this field. We believe that "Kvartirkino.ru" will become this kind of company for you!

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