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Rostov. Service apartments or hotels? 

      Sometimes there is an opinion that staying in service apartments is less comfortable than in  hotels, less secure and more troublesome. Besides, the flats listed for rent have nothing inside, are quite old and, probably, not always clean. The flats are not serviced in the way hotel rooms are, and all domestic problems have to be dealt with alone by the tenant. All this makes it necessary to pack everything when going for a trip: beginning with towels and finishing with a small iron, i.e. everything that you can find in any more or less good hotel.
      Indeed, the situation is quite the opposite. There will always be hotel fans. But let’s look at the figures closer: the quantity of hotel rooms in Rostov is about 1600. Alongside with it, service apartment market supply including both those listed by apartment hotels and private owners makes up approximately 100 flats. It is a little bit more than 6% of Rostov hotel market. It is quite a substantial amount, especially taking into account the ‘youth’ of service apartment market. This part is constantly growing. It means that daily apartment rent becomes more and more demanded.
      The opinion about poorer quality of service apartments as compared to hotels exists not by chance. There are a lot of private owners offering such a service on the market. Of course, they are not motivated to provide services of the highest quality. There are cases when these private owners, in search of a better deal with a new interesting client, refuse to rent a flat to the client that has booked the flat earlier. Such flats are often left unclean before a new tenant moves in. That’s right. There is no point in comparing service apartments of this kind with hotels. Hotels surely win! But now there are companies that are the apartment hotels, and  «Kvartirkino.ru» is the best one among the  similar companies in the city of Rostov.  
      Our apartment hotel aims to offer our customers practically all the services available in ordinary hotels but in addition to them we can provide home-like atmosphere, comfort and privacy that can never be found in a usual hotel.  Moreover, the apartment hotel «Kvartirkino.ru» is cheaper than a similar room in any Rostov hotel. Our customer is not supposed to care even about tiny little things, the apartment hotel «Kvartirkino.ru» has already done it for them. Every apartment has an iron, ironing board, clothes’ dryer that are usually provided in hotels for some extra fee. There is always pure drinking water, green and black tea, coffee and a lot of other things as well. Practically all our apartments are situated in new blocks of flats. All the apartments are after a recent high quality interior remodeling, with new furniture, home appliances, metal-plastic windows. Before a new guest arrives all the apartments are properly cleaned with all the hygiene equipment being mandatory disinfected.
      That is why we have the right to say that the apartment hotel  «Kvartirkino.ru» is an excellent alternative to usual Rostov hotels. We work for the customers who can count their money but are unwilling to save at the cost of their lifestyle quality. The apartment hotel «Kvartirkino.ru» will do its best for our guests to like their stay with us!
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