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      The market of service apartments became civilized only in the beginning of 2000-ies. There appeared first professional operators and managing companies specializing in this sphere at that time. 2004-2005 was the time when this type of services developed at its most, when major part of soviet hotels were under reconstruction and the number of available rooms reduced. At the same time most of the service apartments had moderate price, offered good interior conditions, were equipped with a full set of home appliances and what is most important – ordinary hotel services were provided there.   
    Nowadays the market of service apartments is divided into segments with the following two being the major ones: hi-end apartments in the centre of the city (hi-end apartments located at the distance from the city centre are not in demand, as a rule), and the apartments of a much lower quality, without remodeling done to European standards. Besides, there has always been a so-called ‘primitive’ segment of service apartments. Flats or rooms being rented out by private owners (often by elderly ladies at the station) at a low price belong to it.
     Service apartments are popular not only among the tourists but also among people who come to Rostov-on-Don on a business trip for a period of over several days and up to several months. Each segment of service apartments has its own target audience. For example, apartments in the city centre, “de luxe” apartments especially, are in demand with foreign tourists and top managers on a business trip. It is necessary to mention that foreign visitors usually need official registration at the place of their residence according to regulations of the Russian Federation. Among apartment hotels of Rostov-on-Don only “Kvartirkino.ru” provides this service and it is absolutely free.
      In spite of the fact that the amount of service apartment supply is quite large and new variants constantly appear, we urge on booking the apartment you like in advance as the best variants slip away quite soon.
     All inclusive
     Among the advantages of daily apartment rent it is necessary to mention the following: firstly, even a small two-room flat with area of about 50-60 m2 is almost twice bigger than a standard hotel room. Moreover, service apartments often have not only a TV set but also a DVD-player, collection of films (“Kvartirkino.ru” offers a collection of about 50 films in its every apartment), audio system, washing machine, a dishwasher and other home appliances. And the most important is that there is a kitchen with all necessary equipment in the apartment: a fridge, gas stove, microwave oven, a kitchen set with plates, dishes and other necessities. All it makes a stay in a service apartment more home-like and comfortable. It is of no little significance when a person returns from work and is in need of a good rest. Among other advantages of the apartments over the hotel room is a high speed Internet connection, free calls around the city and, of course, lower daily charge for the rent in comparison to the hotel rooms.
     Professional agencies offer standard hotel services to their customers, often free of charge. As a rule, the price of the rent already includes the following services: cleaning of the apartment several times a week, a bed and towel change, 24-hour technical support, security, booking of taxi as well as information service. “Kvartirkino.ru” also provides registration at a place of residence for foreign customers and those who come from other cities.

     The longer, the cheaper
     Apartments for daily rent also have another advantage over the hotel – their price. The possible discount is up to 50%. The cheapest apartments can be found in the suburbs of Rostov, they are offered by private owners and their price ranges between 900-1300 rubles per day. The closer to the centre, the more expensive. Rent rate for high quality apartments in the centre of Rostov starts from 2000 rubles. The rates for VIP-apartments are considerably high, in some cases they can be compared to those of a 5-star hotel and can reach the amount of 5000-7000 rubles per day.
     The charge for daily apartment rent, which is originally lower than that of hotel rooms, can be reduced even more depending on the period of stay.  Apartment hotelKvartirkino.ru” provides discounts if the duration of the stay is longer than 5 days.

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